2013 Garden Planting Schedule

Last fall while the garden was still fresh in my mind, I jotted down some notes on what to plant and when to plant in 2013. I’ve made some tweaks since then, and surely I will make more alterations, but here is a rough planting schedule for my 2013 garden. The season is coming right up and I’ve received three catalogs in the mail, so I’m starting to get excited!


  • Week 1
    • Trim grape vines and gather some cuttings to give to friends and family later on
    • Trim raspberries and transplant some of the blueberry plants to a better spot (they are getting too much sun)
  • Week 2
    • Plant onions (Walla Walla, maybe some other varieties) in a tray under the plant light
    • Plant some lettuce under the plant light as well
    • Plant basil under grow light (this will be harvested a few times under the grow light before being transplanted after the frost)
  • Week 3
    • Try grafting Dad’s apple tree into my crab-apple tree (failed last year!)


  • Week 3 or so
    • Prep garden soil
    • Plant peas in garden (supposed to be ~6 weeks before last frost)
    • Transplant lettuce into garden (depending on size)
  • Week 4
    • Plant tomatoes under grow light (Beefsteak, Amish Paste, maybe another variety)
    • Plant peppers and eggplant under grow light


    • Week 1
      • Plant flowers under grow light
      • Plant carrots directly in garden
      • Plant more lettuce in grow light
      • Transplant onions to the garden, also plant some other onion seeds directly in the garden soil
    • Week 4
      • Plant canna lilies in yard


      • Week 1
        • Plant beans directly in garden
      • Week 2-3 (after frost)
        • Transplant all frost-sensitive plants (tomatoes, basil, peppers, eggplant, flowers, etc) from grow light into garden
        • Plant cilantro in garden


      • Week 2-4
        • Boysenberry Harvest!


      • Raspberries, blackberries, strawberries, peas, beans will all start ripening


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