Harvest Schedule

These are the approximate times that my yard (near Boise, ID, zone 7a) produces food. I will update more as the season progresses.

Strawberries: first berries in the last week of May in 2013; by the first week of June I was picking >2 cups per day; still picked lots of strawberries through June

Raspberries: Starting in June

Gooseberries: we picked berries in the second half of June (2016)

Yellow Squash: Beginning late June (2016)

Boysenberries: late June / early July (we always have these for the 4th of July parade)

Peas: Depends on the year and how early they are planted. I’ve picked them in May through early July.

2013 Garden Planting Schedule

Last fall while the garden was still fresh in my mind, I jotted down some notes on what to plant and when to plant in 2013. I’ve made some tweaks since then, and surely I will make more alterations, but here is a rough planting schedule for my 2013 garden. The season is coming right up and I’ve received three catalogs in the mail, so I’m starting to get excited!


  • Week 1
    • Trim grape vines and gather some cuttings to give to friends and family later on
    • Trim raspberries and transplant some of the blueberry plants to a better spot (they are getting too much sun)
  • Week 2
    • Plant onions (Walla Walla, maybe some other varieties) in a tray under the plant light
    • Plant some lettuce under the plant light as well
    • Plant basil under grow light (this will be harvested a few times under the grow light before being transplanted after the frost)
  • Week 3
    • Try grafting Dad’s apple tree into my crab-apple tree (failed last year!)


  • Week 3 or so
    • Prep garden soil
    • Plant peas in garden (supposed to be ~6 weeks before last frost)
    • Transplant lettuce into garden (depending on size)
  • Week 4
    • Plant tomatoes under grow light (Beefsteak, Amish Paste, maybe another variety)
    • Plant peppers and eggplant under grow light


    • Week 1
      • Plant flowers under grow light
      • Plant carrots directly in garden
      • Plant more lettuce in grow light
      • Transplant onions to the garden, also plant some other onion seeds directly in the garden soil
    • Week 4
      • Plant canna lilies in yard


      • Week 1
        • Plant beans directly in garden
      • Week 2-3 (after frost)
        • Transplant all frost-sensitive plants (tomatoes, basil, peppers, eggplant, flowers, etc) from grow light into garden
        • Plant cilantro in garden


      • Week 2-4
        • Boysenberry Harvest!


      • Raspberries, blackberries, strawberries, peas, beans will all start ripening